Today is a beautiful sunny day and we are praying that the sun stays with us until next week as we are taking part in a photoshoot in a very beautiful location.

Doing a wedding shoot is always more stunning when in a beach location, last summer we had the good fortune to do an amazing shoot with a wonderful team at Staithes on the North Yorkshire coast. Working with the very creative Natalie Pluck, i think we captured some of our most stunning images to date. We were very lucky with the weather,and the quaint little seaside town was the perfect backdrop to our collection. We even managed a few pics with one of our models in the cute little icecream van!

The shoot next week is in partnership with a very well known Saltburn wedding venue. Saltburn is a stunning location, very picturesque with the imposing Huntcliffe as a backdrop, and the historical funicular tram lift. The pier too is a perfect setting for an unforgettable wedding picture. We will also be joined by one of our favourite partners Dandy Threads, who will be showcasing their menswear wedding regalia.

So please keep your fingers crossed and do a little sun dance, heres hoping for a beautiful day.We are very excited!

Enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend!


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