After all the cold weather and the surprise snow over the last few weeks, its a delight to see a glimmer of blue sky, and even a tiny bit of sunshine.

The clocks will soon be springing forward and the extra daylight always puts everyone in a good mood, Spring is on its way and lighter days are ahead, and we find this is the time when we get a lot of enquiries from newly engaged brides-to-be’s, especially after Valentines proposals.

So…what advice would we give to our future brides when choosing a wedding dress?

After speaking with lots of our lovely ladies , and from our own experience here are some tips when it comes to prepping for the big day.

1. Think about your day, your style, and your theme. The venue also has a huge impact on the dress, depending on whether its a beach wedding or a formal indoor affair. Your personality should always shine through your dress, so the style should always reflect who you are.

2. Couch research is always a good idea before venturing into the minefield that is wedding dress shopping. There are so many places to gather inspiration, so we would advise any bride-to-be to get on Pinterest, Instagram, and the many bridal magazines and blogs to gather some ideas. Pinterest is a great place to start your own mood board for all things wedding, and you will find it addictive!

3. Set a budget, and always be realistic. Remember to factor in shoes, veil, headwear, and any other accessories. It all adds up,so its always best to have an idea of how much you can afford to spend,with a little bit more, as a back up for the unforseen extras.

4. Always give yourself plenty of time to find the right dress. We think its better to start looking sooner rather than later. Our brides are encouraged to try on , as they can be surprised by a style that they never expected. At our design studio we like to go through styles and fabrics with the bride to give the most flattering fit and style for each individual. Giving yourself time allows for any changes in size or shape, which often happens before a wedding, therefore leaves time for any last minute alterations.

5. When you make the step of making an appointment, its lovely to have the support and opinion of your mum or a close friend , but its always best not to bring an entourage, as too many opinions can be really confusing. Everyone has an opinion, but really, its your day and you need it to be YOUR choice.

6. A really important thing to remember when you have taken that plunge to try dresses on is to wear little or no make up, underwear which will be suitable for the style of dress, and also shoes with heels of a similar height to what you will wear on the day!

8. One important thing we recommend is once you have found  your dream dress STOP LOOKING! Trust your instinct that you have made the right choice, see it as one thing you no longer have to stress about, and enjoy the feeling of having probably the most important thing of the day crossed off the list.


The most important thing about wedding dress shopping is to make it fun! Its a day you will always remember, so enjoy the whole experience, and make the most of the very special time to come.

We love to give our brides the best advice, service, and our experience in creating their dream dress bespoke to each individual bride. We can help you from initial ideas and sketches, right through to the final finishing touches, taking the stress out of one of the most important parts of your day.

Give us a call and book in for the first part of your wedding journey.


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